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Ladies Chit Chat Club

What we’re all about

The premier women’s podcast
group, covering a wide range
of topics,from a wide range of talent.

How it all got started

The Ladies Chit Chat Club is a place where women can find compelling and interesting content on a wide variety of subjects that are of particular interest to them.  From interviews with fascinating people, both famous and not, to solid information on parenting teenagers and dealing with aging parents, The Ladies Chit Chat Club wants to be your one stop shop for knowledge and entertainment.


This Club was born of almost two decades of experience in the broadcast field by one of the founders, Mandy Connell.  She has spent her career in talk radio doing shows for the typical talk radio demographic: men.   She kept telling her bosses that women would be avid listeners if they simply provided programming done FOR them.  They didn’t believe her, and the Ladies Chit Chat Club was born. 

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Start off the new year with a healthly lifestyle.


It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, most of us want to be the best we can be.  Find out how to live a happy, health and youthful life with our Health and Beautiful Aging podcasts!


Be a mentor in your community by volunteering.


Whether it’s names you know or names you SHOULD know, you will find interesting interviews with interesting people by using the People keyword. 


Get involved and have your voice be heard.


We don’t do “politics” but we think we are uniquely able to talk about the issues facing our families and our society in a way that will bring forth solutions and compromise rather than acrimony.  Join us for Deep Thoughts about Big Issues!


See the latest and greatest celebrity secrets.


Sometimes you don’t want to learn and just need to laugh.  We’ve got that too!  Our Fun button will get you entertainment, food, general musings, and thoughtful commentary on life and foolishness.

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