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I Broke Up with the Real Housewives

After a long and deep love affair with trash TV, I've decided to break up with the Real Housewives franchise.  I'll..
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Want to know more about Wine?

Kristal Alfonso is a sommelier (a "som" for those in the know) and she LOVES wine.  She  loves to talk about wine,..
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Why Character Matters

Larry Reed is an economist and a historian and he's written extensively on character. Why it matters, how to build..

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How the Ladies Chit Chat Club was born.

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Team talks about what it's like to start a small business, where we learned the biggest..

Deep Thoughts on Grief

My dad died in March of 2017 after a 14 month long fight to recover from a stroke.  This is what I recorded shortly..
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