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Regional Focus: Italy

Benvenuto! This episode will focus on the delectable wines (some discussion of foods) of Italy. Explore the major..

The Wine Yogi

It's Time to Chit Chat with Tahverlee Anglen of Grit and Grace

Mandy Connell interviews Tahverlee Anglen, the winner of our So You Wanna Be a Podcaster Contest and host of Grit..

Ambien is the Devil and other Fun Drug Facts

Mandy Connell is talking about drugs.  Specifically how we need to be better consumers and advocates when it comes..

The Mandy Show

Weightlifting Builds Character Part 1 of 2

In this two-part series, Tahverlee and Rachel talk about weightlifting for women and how it builds confidence,..

Grit & Grace

What I learned Competing in Strongman

Tahverlee competes in a strongman competition in Aspen, Colorado.  Her journey of setting a goal, putting in the..

Grit & Grace

Find Your Why

Mandy Connell has Michelle Zellner of Better Beings back for another conversation about fitness after 40, how to..

The Mandy Show

Embrace the Crazy...

Tahverlee is joined by Paige Goss, CEO and Founder of Point Solutions Group, a technical manage service provider..

Grit & Grace

Want to Be Happier? I've Got the Magic Solution!

Happiness is not some elusive something that we can't control or get more of.  So what's the secret?  Mandy Connell..

The Mandy Show

Swedish Death Cleaning

Mandy Connell has a new obsession: Swedish Death Cleaning.  It's not morbid, it's a really cool way to make sure you..

The Mandy Show

Grit and Grace: Episode 4

In Tahverlee's 4th episode, she shares the seven greatest lessons she's learned since starting her own company,..

The FemiNinja: Episode 4

In this episode, the FemiNinja shares some of her own personal secrets as she reveals how to quiet the naysayers,..

Cara's Corner: Episode 4

Looking to buy a home? Here is my step-by-step approach to buying a home the easy way... In previous episodes,..

The Wine Yogi: Episode 4

Bonjour, this week's podcast will briefly explore, sometimes in a very bad French accent, the major wine producing..

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