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The Wine Yogi: Exploring the Chakras

Chakras...what in the world are these things all about? More than just colorful flags hanging on the wall of your..

The Wine Yogi

Brandy... She's more than a fine girl (Free Episode) is not just a kick ass song that reminds us of days gone is an amazing distilled spirit that..
The Wine Yogi

Wine Regulations...

In this episode, The Wine Yogi will attempt to simplify the complicated classification rules of French and Italian..
The Wine Yogi

Body Image: Learning to Love and Embrace Your Body as It Is

Join The Wine Yogi as she discusses her own internal struggles with body image and how she uses Ayurvedic self care..

The Wine Yogi

Navigating the World of Single Parenting

Mandy Connell talks to Cindy Beyer about her Single Professional Parent Network.  After finding herself a single..
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The Wine Yogi: Essential Oils

Essential oils are the current rage in holistic living. Join The Wine Yogi as she explains what essential oils are,..
The Wine Yogi

Be a Boss or Be a Leader!

Mandy Connell talks to Laura Lollar about what being a real leader means, how to deal with idea hogs, the best..
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The Wine Yogi: Let's Get Cheesy!

Join The Wine Yogi as she breaks down and dishes on different types of cheese and what wine they pair with (or not.)
The Wine Yogi

Palm Reading 2.0 with Jayne Sanders

Mandy Connell is helping you FIND your PURPOSE in a most unusual way. Jayne Sanders is a Advanced Scientific Hand..

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