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Multi American Women....

Mandy Connell talks with Shahira Qudrat, the founder of Multi American Moxie about the cultural challenges for women..

There is More: Reflections

Who or what do you see when you look in the mirror? This is the time of the year when we reflect on the past year..


The Wine Yogi Rings in the New Year with Lots of Bubbles!

Join The Wine Yogi as she pops open her favorite sparkling wines to help you decide what to ring in 2019 with on New..
The Wine Yogi

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Helping Women Create Six Figure Businesses

Mandy Connell talks to Meghann Conter, the founder of The Dames, a networking group for women running six figure..

There Is More: The Power of Prayer

Some people say miracles happen every day due to prayer. Can prayer truly make a difference in your life? Maybe it..

The Wine Yogi Pairs Your Christmas Wines

Join The Wine Yogi as she shares some of her favorite wines for the holiday table and makes one aspect of your..

The Wine Yogi

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Branding and Empanadas and Lady Bosses Galore!

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show from Women's Entrepreneur Day features Branding expert, author and speaker Olivia..

In case you missed it: There is More: Talking To Kids About God

Its a good time for a special re-post of one of our favorite episodes: Christmas is a great time of the year to talk..


The Wine Yogi: Dishes on the Wines from Down Under

Join The Wine Yogi down under as she discusses the history, geography, wines, and wine producers from our New World..
The Wine Yogi

There Is More: Finding the true meaning of Christmas

Finding the true meaning of Christmas is the theme of the Charlie Brown Christmas special in 1965. Does that message..


Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW: Gifting and Floating at our WISH Gift Event

Mandy Connell hosts from the Ladies Chit Chat Club Premium event!  She interviews WISH Gifts owner Lisa Figlino..

The Wine Yogi: New World Specifically US, Wine Labels and How to Figure Them Out

In this episode, The Wine Yogi briefly explains how the wine came to the US, the impact of Native American grapes on..
The Wine Yogi

There Is More: Having Faith-Angela's Story

Many of us believe God is always in our lives, even if we aren’t always aware, or have put him on the back burner...


The Wine Yogi: Let's Get Fortified!

Let's get fortified! And I don't mean with vitamins...we're talking fortified wines! If you have never ventured into..
The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi: Exploring German and Austrian Wines

Join The Wine Yogi as she chats about the major wine producing regions of Germany and the grapes they grow. Learn..
The Wine Yogi
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