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The Mandy Show: Lessons from My First Year as a Business Owner

They say you don't know what you don't know and the first year of business ownership is a perfect example of that! ..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi: Shares Yamas and Niyamas

Join The Wine Yogi as she explains the guiding principles behind her yoga practice. Based in Patanjali's Yoga..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Jussie Smollett, Women Making Their Own Networks and the Oscars!

Mandy Connell is joined by Grit and Grace's Tahverlee Anglen, The FemiNinja's Cheryl Ilov and Lori Lynn Barker to..

There Is More: The Daniel Fast Update

Learn more about the Daniel Fast by someone who just completed this 21 day fast. It will change the way you think..

There Is More

ICYMI: Steve Sims Is the Real Life Wizard of Oz

Steve Sims is the guy you want in your life who will always tell you straight up that you are being an idiot but..

The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi Gets Sideways and Chats About Lodi, Merlot, and White Zin

As part of her discussion on her least favorite wine varietals and regions, The Wine Yogi chats about why she..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Valentine's Day: Overhyped Holiday or Not?

Mandy Connell has Lori Lynn Barker, The Femininja Cheryl Ilov and There is More's Cynthia Ellis in to talk about..

There Is More: One Voice

A violent gang member has a supernatural experience with Jesus from his jail cell, and it’s because of one voice...

There Is More

The Mandy Show: The Path to Wealth with May McCarthy

Mandy Connell chats with successful entrepreneur and author May McCarthy about the rather simple system she uses to..

The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi Dishes on Wine, Chocolate, and Girl Scout Cookies

Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious way to enjoy Valentine's or Galentine's day? Join The Wine Yogi as she..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Mamapreneur Justina Gonzalez Gets Real!

Tahverlee Anglen of Grit and Grace talks with Justina Gonzalez about being a mamapreneur, finding space for every..

There Is More: Five Smooth Stones

David fought Goliath in the Bible using five smooth stones. Is there a Goliath in your life that you need help with,..

There Is More

The Mandy Show: Terri's Got Talent!

Mandy Connell talks to Talent and Entertainment Guru Terri Fisher about what it's like to help people find the..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi Dishes on Torrontés and Sauvignon Blanc

It's confessional time for The Wine Yogi! Join Kristal as she discusses those wines that challenge her most and owns..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Cheerleaders, Dwarves and Men Folk

Mandy Connell talks with Aime Karam, Susan Witkin and Lori Lynn Barker about whether or not the NFL should get rid..

There is More: Social Media And Faith

Social media affects every area of our lives, but can it have an impact on your faith and the way we worship? Host..

There Is More
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