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LCCC Show: Not So Social Media

Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker, Susan Witkin and Dahlia Weinstein talk social media and how it's gotten so ugly. ..

There Is More: Don't Give Up

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably given up on your New Year’s resolutions by now, but springtime is the..

There Is More

TMS: What We SHOULD Learn from the Mueller Report

Mandy Connell talks about the release of the Mueller Report and it's aftermath. Political divisions are at an all..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi: Looks to Easter and Reviews Stonecross Chenin Blanc

Can you believe we are a month away from Easter? The Wine Yogi can't! And this year it falls on her 18th wedding..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Why is 30 Years at One Job Weird?

Mandy Connell talks to Susan Witkin, Dahlia, and Lori Lynn Barker about Lori Lynn being in her current job for 30..

There Is More: The Death Penalty & Forgiveness

Many states are repealing or putting a moratorium on the death penalty. Does your faith play a role in whether or..

There Is More

The Wine Yogi: Wine Basics, Spring Semester aka Wine 201

The Wine Yogi as she revisits the terminology and basics of wine making and wine tasting with her spring semester..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC: #MeToo Backlash, Being Friends With Guys and Murder Tears

Mandy Connell joins Carlyn Shaw, Lori Lynn Barker and The Wine Yogi Krystal Alfonso to talk about the potential..

There Is More: Woman Plans, God Laughs

After a 16-year career as a CPA, Debie Monax was engaged to be married. Three weeks before her wedding she was..

There Is More

TMS:When Cyberbullying Changes Science

Mandy Connell talks adults bullying adults online. The rise of citizen journalists has lead to a wave of online..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi Spring Cleans...

Baseball Spring Training has started. The NFL 2019 season has started. And this weekend, rivers around the country..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Ghosting, Ageism and Reinventing Yourself

Mandy Connell is joined by Lori Lynn Barker, The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso, and Carlyn Shaw from Strangers to..

There Is More: Faith and Freedom

The First Amendment guarantees our rights to freedom of worship, but it continually being challenged in our..

There Is More

The Mandy Show: Spring Forward Sucks and Must Be Stopped

Mandy Connell blames Ben Franklin for coming up with the notion that forcing an artificial time change was a good..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi: Celebrating Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick and Reflecting on Lent

It is a busy time of the year in The Wine Yogi's home as she readies for Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, with the..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: DNA Tests, Internet Challenges, and Transgender Athletes!

Mandy Connell welcomes Lori Lynn Barker, Aime Karam and Cynthia Ellis about DNA tests, the FBI and blowing up family..

There Is More: Mardis Gras

Mardi Gras is near, and that means Lent is starting. How can you make it more meaningful and spiritual this year?..

There Is More
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