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Natural Healing and Functional Health

Meet Kimsey Self, the owner of Progressive Health and Wellness. Kimsey chats with Cheryl about whole foods, natural..

The FemiNinja

The Key To Success is Knowing When to Be Still

Denise Burgess is the President and CEO of Burgess Services, a Denver-based construction management firm. Denise has..

Grit & Grace

Sexism in the Workplace

Mandy Connell talks to Aime Karam, The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso, and Lori Lynn Barker talk about sexism in the..

The National Day of Prayer and More News

This week we’ll catch up on some current events including the upcoming National Day of Prayer. Do Americans want..

There Is More

Empowerment Expert and Brave Leader, Kimberly Outlaw

Kimberly Outlaw, Executive Director of Outreach for Support A Soldier, shares her story of bravery and courage...

Do It For Dalton

On December 29th, 2013, Roni Lambrecht’s world was turned upside down when she and her husband lost their brilliant,..

The FemiNinja

Everything You Need to Know About Hormones

Certified Nutritionist, personal trainer, licensed addiction counselor, and Nutrition Director (at Max Muscle) and a..

Grit & Grace

LCCC Show: Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa and Movies We Love

Mandy Connell talks to Lori Lynn Barker, The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso, and Aime Karam about Game of Thrones, Jason..

Easter Edition: Woman Plans, God Laughs

After a 16-year career as a CPA, Debie Monax was engaged to be married. Three weeks before her wedding she was..

There Is More

Get to Know you Co-Hosts, Tony Drees and Tahverlee

Hosted by Tony Drees, Desert Storm Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, and Tahverlee, Founder of Corporate Cause..

The Wine Yogi Discusses Collections, Loss, and Easter Red Wines

Join The Wine Yogi as she laments the loss of her wine collection to heat, finds joy in the process, and looks..

The Wine Yogi

The FemiNinja: Kindness, Respect, and Abundance of Spirit

Meet Claire Maghtas and Karen Epps, two retired teachers turned first-time authors. They share their personal..

The FemiNinja

Grit and Grace: How to Become a Master Connector and Collaboration

The Dames is a membership-based community of women who own or lead rapidly growing six and seven-figure..

Grit & Grace

LCCC Show: Uber Murder, Being Safe and Asking Why a Dude Blew You Off

Mandy Connell talks with Lindsay (Smitty), Michelle Zellner, and Dahlia Weinstein about the college student murdered..

There Is More: There Is Hope

Twenty years ago, the unthinkable happened at Columbine High School that forever changed the lives of many people..

There Is More

The Wine Yogi Chats Colorado and California Wines at Continental Divide Winery

Join The Wine Yogi as she sits down with vintner, Chief Amazement Officer, and founder of Continental Divide Winery,..

The Wine Yogi

The FemiNinja: Living Your Dream

Janet Langmeier is an Actualization Mentor, founder of All Out Coaching, and co-founder of the dynamic new..

The FemiNinja

Grit and Grace: The Secret to Life is to Know Yourself

Kalia Garrido is the founder of the Denver-based group Healthy Women Leaders. Healthy Women Leaders is a collective..

Grit & Grace

LCCC Show: Dating In the Modern World: Ladies Edition

Mandy Connell talks to Michelle Zellner, Dahlia Weinstein and Smitty about what it's like in the dating world..

There Is More: Forgiveness

Forgiveness, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll be asked to do as a person, and as a Christian. Why is it so..

There Is More

Saluting Veterans with Grace

Co-hosts Tony and Tahverlee introduce the exciting new series of Shock & Awe 2.0 in this inaugural show, discussing..

TMS: Talking Money with Brad Jenkins

Mandy Connell talks with Certified Financial Planner Professional Brad Jenkins about all sorts of financial stuff. ..
The Mandy Show

The Wine Yogi Focuses on Local Gems for Easter Wines

Continuing her discussion on wines for your spring table, The Wine Yogi introduces a local wine producer,..

The Wine Yogi

The FemiNinja: From Terrified Introvert to Marketing Guru

Eight years ago Shari Mitteco would have an anxiety attack at the mere thought of attending a networking event...

The FemiNinja

Grit and Grace: Sisterhood for Education and Inspiration

Betsy started with a blank paper and a dream to connect with passionate women, which resulted in network of 5,000..

Grit & Grace
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