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What Not To Do at A Wine Tasting

If you have ever wondered why your favorite somm may seem distracted, irritated, or otherwise stressed out, The Wine..

The Wine Yogi

Visualizing your Goals and making your Reality!

Mandy Connell talks with Katherine McGraw Patterson about what to do with that vision board you made, how to make..

Organic Frozen Food

On this episode of mouth•ful, Lori Lynn Barker talks with Chef David Perkins, CEO and founder of Beetnik Foods. ..


Casting Off Miscasting

Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful and Susan Witkin talk about how the push for greater diversity on the..

Get Certifiable

Are you curious about becoming a sommelier or yoga instructor or BOTH? Join Kristal as she guides you through the..

The Wine Yogi

Fat Girl Funeral with Dr. Angela Tran

Mandy Connell talks to physician Angela Tran about her program for weight loss that encompasses the emotional,..

Mailbox Desserts.  What?

Desserts in the mail?  Sign me up.  On this episode of mouth•ful Lori Lynn Barker talks with Jimmy LaPrelle, founder..


Childless by Choice

Mandy Connell talks to Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful, Aime Karam from Someone’s Gotta and Dahlia Weinstein from..

New Year's Aspirations: An Update

Join Kristal as she celebrates her successes when it comes to her New Year's Aspirations (aka, Resolutions) and her..

The Wine Yogi

Let's Talk About Sex and Feminism

Mandy Connell talks to Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful, Dahlia Weinstein from the Dirty Boot Diva and Aime Karam..

Almost a Statistic

On this episode of mouth•ful, Lori Lynn Barker talks with Dr. Maurice McBride.  Dr Maurice has lead a very..


Weddings, Bridezillas and More

Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful, Aime Karam and Dahlia Weinstein the Dirty Boot Diva talk weddings. ..

On Death and Dying and The Rituals Surrounding It

Mandy Connell talks death and dying with Jamie Sarche of Feldmans Mortuary about death and dying and how we treat..

Talking with Your Somm

Planning a fancy dinner or celebration at your local high end restaurant? Worried about what wine to pick from the..

The Wine Yogi

Slow Food Then Snooze

Slow Food Nations is an International Food Festival right here in Denver.  Lori Lynn Barker talks with Adam..


Mandy Hates Jumpsuits and Other Fashion Stuff

Mandy Connell talks to Aime Karam, Susan Witkin and Dahlia Weinstein talk about fashion! Dahlia teaches how to unzip..

Improving Veterans Lives Through Integrative Therapies

Healing Warriors Program serves the veteran community and their families by providing non-opioid care therapies that..

''Merica and Madeira

Before there was a Boston Tea Party, there was a Boston Madeira Party...join The Wine Yogi as she shares the history..

The Wine Yogi

The Real Life Wizard of Oz: Steve Sims

Mandy Connell talks to Steve Sims, who straight up is a real life Wizard of Oz who makes dreams come true for people..

Pain Shared is Pain Divided, Joy Shared is Joy Multiplied

Mike Foss of The Warrior Bonfire Program, is committed to providing opportunities that improve the lives of Purple..

Making Bacon

Find out who Lori Lynn Barker is on this maiden episode of mouth•ful. She also talks with Mark Singleton, Vice..

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