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Words and Phrases We Hate!

Mandy Connell, Mout-ful's Lori Lynn Barker, Susan Witkin and Someone's Gotta's Aime Karam talk about those things..

Realizing My Goal of Becoming a Pilot

Have you ever wondered what inspires someone to become a sommelier, chef, or a yoga guide? What about taking the..

The Wine Yogi

Weird Relationships, Swinging and How to Tape Your Boobs!

Mandy Connell talks to Mouth-ful's Lori Lynn Barker, Someone's Gotta's Aime Karam, and Susan Witkin about not living..

Real Hollywood

Meet a real Hollywood bad guy. Patrick Kilpatrick has played the bad guy in over a hundred and seventy Hollywood..


Do You Want to Know How Much Time You Have Left?

Mandy Connell talks to Mouth-ful's Lori Lynn Barker and Susan Witkin about Olivia Newton-John's decision to not find..

There's More to  Fermentation than Just Wine

Join Kristal as she chats the good, the bad, and the smelly when it comes to the latest health craze: fermented..

The Wine Yogi

Want to Lose Weight? Find Your Why!

Mandy Connell has Michelle Zellner of Better Beings back for another conversation about fitness after 40, how to..

Alamo Drafthouse

Why not make a movie night a bigger better night?  Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has definitely got bigger and better..


A Podcast About Podcasts!

Mandy Connell and The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso (aka The Tiny Wino, listen for details) spent the week at Podcast..

The Wine Yogi Goes Keto for Seven Days

Searching for an approach to eating that her husband can and will enjoy doing, The Wine Yogi came upon a 7 Day Keto..

The Wine Yogi

You Need a Vacation!

Mandy Connell goes solo on this show and she's recovering from her vacation hangover.  Her recent adventure was an..

Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers provides a knitted alternative to traditional breast prosthesis.  On this episode of mouth●ful we..


Can A Plate Body Shame You?

Lori Lynn Barker, Susan Witkin and Aime Karam talk about how plates at Macy's set off a firestorm on the internet..

Howdy Neighbor!  Now Go Away!

Mandy Connell talks to Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful and Susan Witkin talk about horrible neighbors.  Bad..

Beecause It Matters

Let us introduce you to Brooke Sarmiento. Founder of Bee-Och Organics, she creates natural and safe alternatives to..



Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker of Mouth-ful, and Susan Witkin talk about friendship.  When you made your best, best..

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