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Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW

Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show brings interesting people together to talk about interesting things. You’ll find podcasters from the platform hanging out, talking about issues and topics, laughing and having fun. It’s like going to happy hour with your most entertaining friends!

Recent Posts

LCCC Show: Valentine's Day: Overhyped Holiday or Not?

Mandy Connell has Lori Lynn Barker, The Femininja Cheryl Ilov and There is More's Cynthia Ellis in to talk about..

LCCC Show: Mamapreneur Justina Gonzalez Gets Real!

Tahverlee Anglen of Grit and Grace talks with Justina Gonzalez about being a mamapreneur, finding space for every..

LCCC Show: Cheerleaders, Dwarves and Men Folk

Mandy Connell talks with Aime Karam, Susan Witkin and Lori Lynn Barker about whether or not the NFL should get rid..

LCCC Show: From Vision Board to Reality

Mandy Connell talks with Katherine McGraw Patterson about what to do with that vision board you made, how to make..

LCCC Show: Why Make a Vision Board?

Mandy Connell talks to Michelle Zellner about vision boards. What is a vision board, how it works, why you need one..

LCCC Show: Winning in a Man's World

Tahverlee Anglen speaks with Denise Burgess, CEO of Burgess Services has not only had huge success in the male..

Multi American Women....

Mandy Connell talks with Shahira Qudrat, the founder of Multi American Moxie about the cultural challenges for women..

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Helping Women Create Six Figure Businesses

Mandy Connell talks to Meghann Conter, the founder of The Dames, a networking group for women running six figure..
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