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Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW

Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show brings interesting people together to talk about interesting things. You’ll find podcasters from the platform hanging out, talking about issues and topics, laughing and having fun. It’s like going to happy hour with your most entertaining friends!

Recent Posts

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Branding and Empanadas and Lady Bosses Galore!

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show from Women's Entrepreneur Day features Branding expert, author and speaker Olivia..

Ladies Chit Chat Club SHOW: Gifting and Floating at our WISH Gift Event

Mandy Connell hosts from the Ladies Chit Chat Club Premium event!  She interviews WISH Gifts owner Lisa Figlino..

Holiday Traditions and Surviving This Election!

Mandy Connell welcomes Susan Witkin, Lori Lynn Barker and Cheryl Ilov for a rousing discussion on holiday..

It's Time to Chit Chat with Cynthia Ellis of There is More

Mandy Connell talks with our newest podcaster Cynthia Ellis about her new podcast on faith, There is More. Cynthia..

It's Time to Chat with Cheryl Ilov

Mandy Connell talks with The FemiNinja Cheryl Ilov about podcasting, being a middle aged ballerina ninja who also..

It's Time to Chit Chat with Tahverlee Anglen of Grit and Grace

Mandy Connell interviews Tahverlee Anglen, the winner of our So You Wanna Be a Podcaster Contest and host of Grit..

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