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Lori Lynn Barker is a professional talk radio producer. From her infatuation with radio as a young girl, Lori Lynn has built a 30-year career working in every stage of radio production. She currently hosts Front Range Focus, an award-winning Public Affairs program on eleven iHeart radio stations in Colorado. She is an executive producer at KOA Newsradio, a heritage AM News Talk radio station in Denver, Colorado. When she is not working, she enjoys making chocolate, cheese, fiber arts, and is a reluctant but passionate gardener. She is also an avid theatre and concert goer and a foodie, or she likes to call it “date night.” Her latest passion is mouth•ful, a podcast about people who “make.”

Recent Posts

Haunted Field of Screams

Have you ever been chased through a corn field by a zombie with a chain saw? If not, now’s your chance. In this..


The Unsinkable Haunted House

If you have never been to the Molly Brown House in Denver Colorado, the month of October is the time to make that..


Behold the Power of the Pickle

If you like pickles, you will love this episode. McClure's Pickles is a Detroit based company that has been making..


Get to Know Your Dog & Cat

In this episode we meet the Director of the San Diego Humane Society and National Geographic author Dr. Gary..


Gee, Brain, What do you want to do tonight?

Immortalizing the voices of Yakko Warner and Pinky, Rob Paulsen has been entertaining us for over 25 years. Not just..


Salad Wagon Ho!

You’ll dream of gardens in the desert sand (to paraphrase Sting).


Meet the Santiago's Family

If you spend enough time on the road in Colorado, you will have passed a Santiago’s Restaurant somewhere along the..


Real Hollywood

Meet a real Hollywood bad guy. Patrick Kilpatrick has played the bad guy in over a hundred and seventy Hollywood..

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