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Lori Lynn Barker is a professional talk radio producer. From her infatuation with radio as a young girl, Lori Lynn has built a 30-year career working in every stage of radio production. She currently hosts Front Range Focus, an award-winning Public Affairs program on eleven iHeart radio stations in Colorado. She is an executive producer at KOA Newsradio, a heritage AM News Talk radio station in Denver, Colorado. When she is not working, she enjoys making chocolate, cheese, fiber arts, and is a reluctant but passionate gardener. She is also an avid theatre and concert goer and a foodie, or she likes to call it “date night.” Her latest passion is mouth•ful, a podcast about people who “make.”

Recent Posts

Alamo Drafthouse

Why not make a movie night a bigger better night?  Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has definitely got bigger and better..


Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers provides a knitted alternative to traditional breast prosthesis.  On this episode of mouth●ful we..


Beecause It Matters

Let us introduce you to Brooke Sarmiento. Founder of Bee-Och Organics, she creates natural and safe alternatives to..


Organic Frozen Food

On this episode of mouth•ful, Lori Lynn Barker talks with Chef David Perkins, CEO and founder of Beetnik Foods. ..


Mailbox Desserts.  What?

Desserts in the mail?  Sign me up.  On this episode of mouth•ful Lori Lynn Barker talks with Jimmy LaPrelle, founder..


Almost a Statistic

On this episode of mouth•ful, Lori Lynn Barker talks with Dr. Maurice McBride.  Dr Maurice has lead a very..


Slow Food Then Snooze

Slow Food Nations is an International Food Festival right here in Denver.  Lori Lynn Barker talks with Adam..


Making Bacon

Find out who Lori Lynn Barker is on this maiden episode of mouth•ful. She also talks with Mark Singleton, Vice..

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