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Religious Freedom

It’s Religious Freedom Week, but what does that really mean in today’s society? It’s in our constitution, but it’s..


Feminism And Christianity

Feminism and Christianity, is it possible to be both in today’s society? Many women say yes, some say not so fast...


In case you missed it: Five Smooth Stones

In Case You Missed It David fought Goliath in the Bible using five smooth stones. Is there a Goliath in your life..


Your Moral Compass

Finding your moral compass these days in a world that just keeps getting crazier by the moment and how do we teach..


The Right Place

God has us right where he wants us, but it’s up to us to act. Many people live their lives this way and don’t chalk..


The Dating Dilemma

Dating while Christian. Is it even possible in these days of hookups and social dating apps to pursue a relationship..


Crisis Of Faith

After another school shooting in Colorado, parents and the community are coming together to find a solution, but is..


Seasons of Life

For everything there is a season; What season are you in right now in your life? Are you sowing or are you reaping?..
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