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The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show is about life, work, relationships, cursing, eating, drinking, being smarter, being prettier, being more confident, making more money and anything else that catches Mandy’s attention. And oh yeah, she’s funny too.

Recent Posts

TMS: Talking Money with Brad Jenkins

Mandy Connell talks with Certified Financial Planner Professional Brad Jenkins about all sorts of financial stuff. ..
The Mandy Show

TMS: What We SHOULD Learn from the Mueller Report

Mandy Connell talks about the release of the Mueller Report and it's aftermath. Political divisions are at an all..
The Mandy Show

TMS:When Cyberbullying Changes Science

Mandy Connell talks adults bullying adults online. The rise of citizen journalists has lead to a wave of online..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Spring Forward Sucks and Must Be Stopped

Mandy Connell blames Ben Franklin for coming up with the notion that forcing an artificial time change was a good..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Lessons from My First Year as a Business Owner

They say you don't know what you don't know and the first year of business ownership is a perfect example of that! ..
The Mandy Show

ICYMI: Steve Sims Is the Real Life Wizard of Oz

Steve Sims is the guy you want in your life who will always tell you straight up that you are being an idiot but..

The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: The Path to Wealth with May McCarthy

Mandy Connell chats with successful entrepreneur and author May McCarthy about the rather simple system she uses to..

The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Terri's Got Talent!

Mandy Connell talks to Talent and Entertainment Guru Terri Fisher about what it's like to help people find the..
The Mandy Show
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