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The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show is about life, work, relationships, cursing, eating, drinking, being smarter, being prettier, being more confident, making more money and anything else that catches Mandy’s attention. And oh yeah, she’s funny too. The Mandy Show will publish new podcasts each week on Tuesday and Friday.

Recent Posts

The Mandy Show: Elves, Potlucks and Housewives

Mandy Connell talks rules for potlucks (there should be some), why you NEVER give an Elf of the Shelf as a gift, why..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Millennials Changing the Workplace

Mandy Connell talks about the Millennial Generation and the (mostly positive) impact they are having in the..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Why are Suicide Rates Going Up?

Mandy Connell talks about suicide during a week when she learned depression rates in Denver are through the roof,..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: The Real Story of Thanksgiving. Maybe

Mandy Connell is talking Thanksgiving. Did the Pilgrims really invite the Indians to a feast? Was Thanksgiving..
The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Leoma Lovegrove the Fearless Artist

Mandy Connell talks with renowned artist Leoma Lovegrove about being fearless, coconut postcards, being an open..

The Mandy Show

The Mandy Show: Pro Tips on Flying

Mandy Connell is a former flight attendant and a seasoned traveller and she talks about flying on the busy..
The Mandy Show
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