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There Is More

There Is More

Living a life of faith in today’s world and culture may seem difficult or even impossible at times. But it may be easier than you think. Whether you are searching to discover a relationship with God, strengthen or renew your faith, or just want to hear about good news for a change, the podcast “There Is More” is for you. Host Cynthia takes us on a journey of faith and family with a little fun thrown in too.

Recent Posts

In case you missed it: There is More: Talking To Kids About God

Its a good time for a special re-post of one of our favorite episodes: Christmas is a great time of the year to talk..

There Is More

There Is More: Finding the true meaning of Christmas

Finding the true meaning of Christmas is the theme of the Charlie Brown Christmas special in 1965. Does that message..

There Is More

There Is More: Having Faith-Angela's Story

Many of us believe God is always in our lives, even if we aren’t always aware, or have put him on the back burner...

There Is More

There Is More: In Case You Missed It - Going To Church

Maybe it's been awhile since you've been to church or you're thinking about going again because you now have kids...

There Is More

There Is More: Advent

Advent is a great way to prepare for Christmas and is a faith tradition that many families love. Find out more about..

There Is More

There Is More: One Word

Is there “One Word” that can change your life and bring you blessings and happiness in a way you may not have..

There Is More
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