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The Real Life Wizard of Oz: Steve Sims

Mandy Connell talks to Steve Sims, who straight up is a real life Wizard of Oz who makes dreams come true for people..

One on One with Lori Lynn Barker: Mouth•ful

Mandy Connell introduces (again) Lori Lynn Barker and her new podcast Mouth•ful.  What is Mouth•ful? It's a show..

Talking Confidence with Confidence Coach Chantelle Anderson

Due to a complete computer breakdown, today's Ladies Chit Chat Club is a Mandy Show!  Mandy talks to former WNBA..

Sexism in the Workplace

Mandy Connell talks to Aime Karam, The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso, and Lori Lynn Barker talk about sexism in the..

LCCC Show: Winning in a Man's World

Tahverlee Anglen speaks with Denise Burgess, CEO of Burgess Services has not only had huge success in the male..

Multi American Women....

Mandy Connell talks with Shahira Qudrat, the founder of Multi American Moxie about the cultural challenges for women..

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Helping Women Create Six Figure Businesses

Mandy Connell talks to Meghann Conter, the founder of The Dames, a networking group for women running six figure..

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Branding and Empanadas and Lady Bosses Galore!

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show from Women's Entrepreneur Day features Branding expert, author and speaker Olivia..
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