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Meet Sarah - A Trailblazing Girl Boss

Sarah Wolfer is the CEO and Founder of Girl Boss Sports - a Greater Seattle area soccer company that is devoted to..

Grit & Grace

Making Financial Fitness Fun

Meet Craig Kaley, engineer, problem solver, financial fitness coach and author of Money Athletics. Craig has created..

The FemiNinja

Not On My Watch

Meet Torey Ivanic, Physician Assistant, Certified Homeopathy Practitioner, and business owner. Her experience of..

The FemiNinja

How to Improve Your Efficiency and Organization!

Systems isn’t just the tech that you implement, it is the mindset behind your work and your vision that takes center..

Grit & Grace

How to Start Advertising on Social Media and Using Google Adwords

Ryan Masters, serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, strength athlete, and YouTube expert (more than 500,000..

Grit & Grace

Talking Confidence with Confidence Coach Chantelle Anderson

Due to a complete computer breakdown, today's Ladies Chit Chat Club is a Mandy Show!  Mandy talks to former WNBA..

Sexism in the Workplace

Mandy Connell talks to Aime Karam, The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso, and Lori Lynn Barker talk about sexism in the..

Grit and Grace: How to Become a Master Connector and Collaboration

The Dames is a membership-based community of women who own or lead rapidly growing six and seven-figure..

Grit & Grace
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