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The Wine Yogi Gets Sideways and Chats About Lodi, Merlot, and White Zin

As part of her discussion on her least favorite wine varietals and regions, The Wine Yogi chats about why she..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Valentine's Day: Overhyped Holiday or Not?

Mandy Connell has Lori Lynn Barker, The Femininja Cheryl Ilov and There is More's Cynthia Ellis in to talk about..

The Wine Yogi Dishes on Wine, Chocolate, and Girl Scout Cookies

Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious way to enjoy Valentine's or Galentine's day? Join The Wine Yogi as she..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi Chats about Chardonnay

The Wine Yogi is going to be honest with you...she is not a fan of big, bold, buttery Chardonnay. Why? Well, there's..

The Wine Yogi

Grit and Grace: A Special Holiday ReBoot: Fitness is not a destination, but a..

Just in time for you to kick off your New Year's Resolutions, Grit and Grace is here to help!  Tahverlee and Megan..

Grit & Grace

The Wine Yogi Rings in the New Year with Lots of Bubbles!

Join The Wine Yogi as she pops open her favorite sparkling wines to help you decide what to ring in 2019 with on New..
The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi Pairs Your Christmas Wines

Join The Wine Yogi as she shares some of her favorite wines for the holiday table and makes one aspect of your..

The Wine Yogi

Ladies Chit Chat Club Show: Branding and Empanadas and Lady Bosses Galore!

The Ladies Chit Chat Club Show from Women's Entrepreneur Day features Branding expert, author and speaker Olivia..
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