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The Wine Yogi Discusses Collections, Loss, and Easter Red Wines

Join The Wine Yogi as she laments the loss of her wine collection to heat, finds joy in the process, and looks..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi Chats Colorado and California Wines at Continental Divide Winery

Join The Wine Yogi as she sits down with vintner, Chief Amazement Officer, and founder of Continental Divide Winery,..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi Focuses on Local Gems for Easter Wines

Continuing her discussion on wines for your spring table, The Wine Yogi introduces a local wine producer,..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi: Looks to Easter and Reviews Stonecross Chenin Blanc

Can you believe we are a month away from Easter? The Wine Yogi can't! And this year it falls on her 18th wedding..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi: Wine Basics, Spring Semester aka Wine 201

The Wine Yogi as she revisits the terminology and basics of wine making and wine tasting with her spring semester..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi: Celebrating Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick and Reflecting on Lent

It is a busy time of the year in The Wine Yogi's home as she readies for Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, with the..

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi Gets Sideways and Chats About Lodi, Merlot, and White Zin

As part of her discussion on her least favorite wine varietals and regions, The Wine Yogi chats about why she..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Valentine's Day: Overhyped Holiday or Not?

Mandy Connell has Lori Lynn Barker, The Femininja Cheryl Ilov and There is More's Cynthia Ellis in to talk about..

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