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The Wine Yogi Gratitude Meditation

In case you missed it...

The Wine Yogi

The Wine Yogi's 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Of course, The Wine Yogi is grateful for wine and yoga, but what does it really mean to show appreciation and..

The Wine Yogi

The Art of Escapism Cooking with Mandy Lee

Mandy Connell talks to blogger and cookbook author Mandy Lee about her gorgeous new cookbook and how cooking saved..

The Wine Yogi: Wine Vocab 101

It is never too late to get back to basics. In this episode, The Wine Yogi revisits an earlier podcast where she..

The Wine Yogi


Let’s learn about eggs. Shall we?. Meet Louise Howe, team member for Nest Fresh Eggs. In this episode you will learn..


Fall Soups and the Wines that Love Them

Recently, The Wine Yogi joined Mandy Connell on her radio show to discuss fall soups and the perfect wine pairings..

The Wine Yogi

Bier Schule, aka, Beer School, during Oktoberfest

Join Kristal as she shares her recent decision to go back to school...well, beer school. And actually, it was at an..

The Wine Yogi

Behold the Power of the Pickle

If you like pickles, you will love this episode. McClure's Pickles is a Detroit based company that has been making..

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