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The FemiNinja: Patience, Perseverance, and Unconditional Love

After spending several years struggling with infertility, Gina Heuman and her husband adopted a baby boy from..

The FemiNinja

The FemiNinja: Ninety Never Looked So Good

In this episode, Cheryl’s chats with her amazing 90 year young Aunt Stella about everything from celebrating..

The FemiNinja

Grit and Grace: How to Become a Productivity Powerhouse

Jac Julien is a reformed “organized mess”. After starting her coaching career she noticed how many entrepreneurs..
Grit & Grace

The Wine Yogi: Shares Yamas and Niyamas

Join The Wine Yogi as she explains the guiding principles behind her yoga practice. Based in Patanjali's Yoga..

The Wine Yogi

The FemiNinja: The Hairless Heroine

At the age of 25, Amanda Palombo noticed a small bald spot on her head about the size of a quarter. Five months..

The FemiNinja

The Wine Yogi Gets Sideways and Chats About Lodi, Merlot, and White Zin

As part of her discussion on her least favorite wine varietals and regions, The Wine Yogi chats about why she..

The Wine Yogi

LCCC Show: Mamapreneur Justina Gonzalez Gets Real!

Tahverlee Anglen of Grit and Grace talks with Justina Gonzalez about being a mamapreneur, finding space for every..

The FemiNinja: Spinning, Writing, and Life-Long Learning

Award winning author Bonnie McCune shares her passion for writing, devotion to community involvement, dedication to..

The FemiNinja
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