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There Is More: Finding the true meaning of Christmas

Finding the true meaning of Christmas is the theme of the Charlie Brown Christmas special in 1965. Does that message..

There Is More

Grit and Grace: Heidi Ganahl

Heidi and Tahverlee talk about adversity and turning it into purpose and doing what you are passionate about. Heidi,..

Grit & Grace

The Wine Yogi: Secrets to a Healthy Holiday Season

It has happened to all of us...we do too much during the holidays and as soon as they are over, we wind up sick as..

The Wine Yogi

The Mandy Show: The Real Story of Thanksgiving. Maybe

Mandy Connell is talking Thanksgiving. Did the Pilgrims really invite the Indians to a feast? Was Thanksgiving..
The Mandy Show

Grit and Grace:Tamara Banks and Using Your Voice to Shed Light

Tamara Banks is a freelance journalist, talk show host and documentary filmmaker, focusing on social justice and..
Grit & Grace

The Wine Yogi: Gratitude Challenge and Meditation

As Thanksgiving draws near, join The Wine Yogi on her #thirtydaysofgratitude challenge where she seeks out the..

The Wine Yogi

Holiday Traditions and Surviving This Election!

Mandy Connell welcomes Susan Witkin, Lori Lynn Barker and Cheryl Ilov for a rousing discussion on holiday..

The Mandy Show: Election Day Musings on America

Mandy Connell talks about her concerns for the US of A, how the Fall of the Roman Empire is a warning for us,..
The Mandy Show
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