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Colorado Proud

Colorado has so many things to offer.  Do you know how to find local Colorado products? mouth•ful talks with Wendy..


Posing Naked at 73 and Sex Robots

Mandy Connell chats with Someone's Gottas Aime Karam, Susan Witkin and Mouth-ful's Lori Lynn Barker about Suzanne..

Subtle Form of Sexism

Mouth•ful's Lori Lynn Barker, Susan Witkin and Someone's Gotta's Aime Karam discuss what can be referred to as "soft..

Casting Off Miscasting

Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker from Mouth-ful and Susan Witkin talk about how the push for greater diversity on the..

The National Day of Prayer and More News

This week we’ll catch up on some current events including the upcoming National Day of Prayer. Do Americans want..


LCCC Show: Uber Murder, Being Safe and Asking Why a Dude Blew You Off

Mandy Connell talks with Lindsay (Smitty), Michelle Zellner, and Dahlia Weinstein about the college student murdered..

Saluting Veterans with Grace

Co-hosts Tony and Tahverlee introduce the exciting new series of Shock & Awe 2.0 in this inaugural show, discussing..

LCCC Show: Not So Social Media

Mandy Connell, Lori Lynn Barker, Susan Witkin and Dahlia Weinstein talk social media and how it's gotten so ugly. ..
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