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Electile Dysfunction

Mandy Connell, Aime Karam, Dahlia Weinstein and Susan Witkin talk about the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. ..

TMS: What We SHOULD Learn from the Mueller Report

Mandy Connell talks about the release of the Mueller Report and it's aftermath. Political divisions are at an all..
The Mandy Show

Grit and Grace:Tamara Banks and Using Your Voice to Shed Light

Tamara Banks is a freelance journalist, talk show host and documentary filmmaker, focusing on social justice and..
Grit & Grace

The Mandy Show: Election Day Musings on America

Mandy Connell talks about her concerns for the US of A, how the Fall of the Roman Empire is a warning for us,..
The Mandy Show

State of Women in Business

Now is the time for women to rise up and find their fullest potential and break every glass ceiling, window and..
Grit & Grace

Politics, Oh Politics, Wherefore Art Thou Politics?

After making my living talking politics for over a decade now, why is it missing from this podcast?  Will it always..

The Mandy Show
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