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Building Community Partnerships is Critical to Your Business Growth

As the founder of Corporate Cause Agency, Tahverlee spends her days helping businesses increase revenue, create..
Grit and Grace

Wines from Down Under

Join The Wine Yogi down under as she discusses the history, geography, wines, and wine producers from our New World..
The Wine Yogi

Elves, Potlucks and Real Housewives

Mandy Connell talks rules for potlucks (there should be some), why you NEVER give an Elf of the Shelf as a gift, why..
The Mandy Show

Crushing Cancer

Stephanie is a serial entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor and masters weightlifter ranked #17 in the world.  As an..

Grit and Grace

Life Lessons and Pearls of Wisdom

Every life experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Important life lessons are all around us and can give us..

The FemiNinja

Gifting and Floating at our WISH Gift Event

Mandy Connell hosts from the Ladies Chit Chat Club Premium event!  She interviews WISH Gifts owner Lisa Figlino..

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